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eRowz has been selected for the final round of the Promising Entreprise of the Year 2016

September 16, 2016


20 FREE Classified Advertising Tips to Sell Second Hand Goods Online

July 11, 2016


There has never been more choice than right now for classified advertising sites which enable you to sell second hand goods online for free. To maximise your chances of success we have listed twenty tips below, which will improve your chances of success when train through classified sites.

The Internet, Empowering Us to Sell Second Hand Goods Online Profitably


As a race we as humans have been successfully buying and selling for thousands of years, all the time responding to the available marketplaces we have. When you analyse it all that has changed is the “route to market”, we are doing what our forefathers did, so why not take advantage of the most modern of marketing tools – the internet?

Demystifying the World of Online Classified Advertising


In 2016 we find ourselves with a large selection of online classified advertising opportunities, which are growing in popularity all the time. In this report I’ll explain and demystify the whole world of online classified advertising, provide a definition and history and also give examples of some of the ways in which classified advertising is implemented online around the world.

Bringing Order to the Chaos of Buying and Selling Second Hand Goods Online via Classified Advertising


In 2016, more people than ever are turning to the Internet to both buy and sell second hands goods.

The essential of economic activity in Wallonia-Picarde

June 22, 2016






Article about eRowz on page 10 of the magazine.


eRowz on national television

June 17, 2016

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eRowz, the booming Start-up in Enghien

June 4, 2016




After 5 years of activities under the name of, the booming Start-up, located in Enghien, decide to change its name as eRowz to give itself a more international connotation.

eRowz: Semantics and analytics behind your second hands products’ aggregator

June 1, 2016





Freshly renamed eRowz, was born 5 years ago in Enghien. In 5 years, the company has seen its business grow at a steady pace (+ 65% per year over the last 3 years).

Customers rather than investors

May 30, 2016




It is good to remember that it is still possible, in 2016, to create and develop an ambitious and innovative company with no outside investors and sometimes even without bank. eRowz is an exemple of these companies and is profitable since its first day.

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