adiZERO wrestling shoes consolidate the appearance of the customary Sydney 2000 (made for the 2000 Olympics), with all the most recent innovation 2012 brings to the table. Ultra light execution level shoe for the cultivated competitor. Best in class development takes out weight.


adiZero Constructions adiWear outsole for greatest grasp Zipper trim spread *

The Adidas AdiZERO is another wrestling shoe for the 2011-2012 seasons. These new shoes join the appearance of the customary Sydney 2000, made for the 2000 Olympics, with the endured innovation 2011 brings to the table.

My Wrestling Room is pleased to stock the new AdiZero Wrestling Shoes, which arrive in a selection of hues, gold/dark and Royal/white.

Adidas has worked superbly at repositioning their product offering to an increasingly conventional look. Numerous wrestlers will love the mix of execution and cost.

These shoes are unbelievably light permitting most extreme development around the tangle, and highlight the unfathomable AdiZero Construction, in addition to an AdiWEAR sole for greatest hold. The zipper ribbon spread offers additional help and ensures the bands are concealed. Read more

Valuation & historical price

The original price of the Adidas AdiZero Sydney Wrestling was $237.87.
But since a few months, we started noticing a drop of the price to come to $101.88

AdiZero is the innovation, which makes sports shoes from Adidas fantastically light, just giving what is really expected to the competitor and explicitly formed to their games. Utilizing the most mechanical materials, which are light, adaptable, intense and bolster your feet.

AdiWEAR soles are high thickness and tough mixes found in the soles of a scope of Adidas sports shoes, it gives incredible grasp and footing, which is ideal for wrestlers on the tangle. The AdiWEAR sole opposes scraped area, which means your AdiZero Wrestling shoes will be around for quite a while.

The AdiZero Sydney is an exceptionally specialized shoe offering less weight, backing, adaptability and a sole that adheres to the tangle, and you can buy your AdiZERO Sydney in dark/gold and regal/white, directly here from My Wrestling Room.

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